[Advaita-l] Advaithic Question on the Nature of MAYA and Illusory nature of Reality

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Tried to answer the question hope it’s satisfactory.

This question has two parts and lets try to answer part by part

Part1: how does maya project Brahman as illusory

           Maya has two properties which are avarana shakti and

Vikshepa shakti. Because of avarana shakti the maya covers

the Brahman and because of Vikshepa shakti maya makes

brahman to appear as something else. When a person is

cognising a object lets say person Rama sees a ball, even through ball is
brahman but because of maya it appears as ball for Rama. Now where does
maya operate for Rama to make  appear Brahman as ball, basically to cognise
any object it will involves mind (for details refer Vedanta Paribasha:
Pratyaksha pramana) the mind (maya) covers the brahman and makes it to
appear as ball the buddi(Vignana maya kosha) recognises it has ball.

           Now for a Jeevanmukta the mind is inactive for him the ball is
brahman because the mind can’t cover the brahman and make it appear as
something else.

Part2: What is the mechanism by which this illusion is created.

          Since everything is Brahman there is nothing to create and hence
illusion is also not created but for non realised person it appears as
created and because of some education the non realised person starts
thinking “illusion is created”.

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> Hi all knowledgeable people,
> I have a question to clarify,
> "" How does Maya project Brahman as this illusory Universe ? What is the
> mechanism by which this illusion is created.""
> In the path of enquiry I am currently in this stage where I am not
> satisfied with the answer ' it just appears as it is'. Even for water to
> appear in a gaseous state the inherent energy levels within molecules have
> to be high enough to be sparse apart to appear as vapours and the contrary
> in ice cubes. If we take this as an example, even for something to appear
> in different states it has to undergo some process like solidification or
> gasification like in this case.
> I just want to understand the visible universe with more coherent
> explanation than it just appears as it.
> Can someone knowledgeable give me some layman's explanation on this doubt ?
> Regards,
> Sadananda Chandrashekaraiah
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Thanks & Regards
Bhaskar HV

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