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Dear sir,
 The author of Tarangini was a student of Sri Madhusudana sarasvati.He has
presented the book to Madhusudana sarasvati as a gurudakshina. Madhusudana
has told him that he knows the intention of the student but having accepted
as a student he has shared the knowledge benevolent.
 Being the Guru it is inappropriate to condem his own student. So he said
somebody else will suitably reply to him.
Another student has done the job.
 This is what I know about the matter.
Krishnajee Ayyagari

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> Namaste .
> Was ramacharya author of tarangini a student of Shri madhusudana saraswati?
> Anantha has said this in his works. if yes then why didn't Shri madhusudana
> reply to the objections instead of Shri brahmananda?
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