[Advaita-l] Please clarify some terms for me.

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Namaste Moderators,

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On Sun, Aug 16, 2020 at 9:48 PM H S Chandramouli <hschandramouli at gmail.com>

> Namaste Soma Ji,
> The only point I wanted to make was that DDV does not mention anywhere
> that AvaraNa is of the mind.
> In my view, DDV is not the ideal text for understanding these terms to
> begin with. It is quite difficult and time consuming for me to explain.
> However there are many simple and small texts which are of help in this
> regard. I would recommend a study of Tattva Bodha of Sri Bhagavatpada or
> Vedanta Sara of Sri Sadananda Yogi. There are many others as well. Vasudeva
> Mananam is another one which I like. All of them are very readable and easy
> to grasp.I would suggest that a reference could be made to any of them
> first.
> Please dont misunderstand me. It is only a suggestion. You are free to
> disregard the same and proceed the way you feel is best for you. You are
> the best judge. All the best.
> Regards
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>> Namaste Soma Ji,
>> AvaraNa is not of the mind, but of Consciousness enclosed or limited by
>> the
>> mind. In deep sleep, mind resolves into its Cause (kAraNa),  avidyA. Then
>> AvaraNa is of Consciousness enclosed or limited by this avidyA. This
>> avidyA
>> is also termed kAraNa sharIra. Since you have mentioned that you are
>> specifically referring to DDV only, please mention where in DDV, in which
>> verse, is AvaraNa of mind  mentioned.
>> Regards
>> Namaste Chandramouli Ji,
>> In particular i am looking at verses 6 to 12. The effect of  ChitChaya On
>> the mind, and the evolution of ahankara and antakarana.
>> In verse 10, ahankara devolves in sushupti. Antakarana vritti are also
>> due to this chitchayaaikyam. Perhaps this is what you mean by Conciousness
>> enclosed, which is actually unaffected, and which is the pragnya at
>> sushupti.
>> Please share your thoughts.
>> Regards.
>> Soma

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