[Advaita-l] Please clarify some terms for me.

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 Namaste Soma Ji,

AvaraNa is not of the mind, but of Consciousness enclosed or limited by the
mind. In deep sleep, mind resolves into its Cause (kAraNa),  avidyA. Then
AvaraNa is of Consciousness enclosed or limited by this avidyA. This avidyA
is also termed kAraNa sharIra. Since you have mentioned that you are
specifically referring to DDV only, please mention where in DDV, in which
verse, is AvaraNa of mind  mentioned.
Namaste Chandramouli Ji,In particular i am looking at verses 6 to 12. The effect of  ChitChaya On the mind, and the evolution of ahankara and antakarana.In verse 10, ahankara devolves in sushupti. Antakarana vritti are also due to this chitchayaaikyam. Perhaps this is what you mean by Conciousness enclosed, which is actually unaffected, and which is the pragnya at sushupti.Please share your thoughts.Regards.Soma  

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