[Advaita-l] Please clarify some terms for me.

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Namaste Soma

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> Pranams to all of you who have the patience and grace to share your
> knowledge.
> Thank you.
> I need some clarity of certain terms as they seem to be interchangeable or
> simply have many names..
> The other problem is English terms are used that confuses the issue more.
> I prefer we stick with Sanskrit terms.
> This is is reference to Drg Drshya Viveka
> Sakshi. - is this the same as Consciousness.
> Chitih. - is the same as Sakshi?
> Chicchaya - reflection of chit?
> Chit Chaitanya - Is the same as Chichaya? Reflection Chit?
> Atma I same as Sakshi?
> Atma in microcosm, Brhamam in Macrocosm?
> Is Vishepa in reference to World?
> Avarna in relation to Mind?
> My apologies for being so reductive.


On AvaraNa and vikShepa, please see the above link

The *mind itself* is a part of the projected World. So we don't say the
mind "has" AvaraNa etc. Maybe you are already clear about this. But thought
I would reiterate this.

In deep sleep, there is no manifestation of the mind or world. No vikShepa
is present. But AvaraNa is still there.

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