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I am quite delighted to see you have studied Madhva's Mahabharta Tatparya
Nirnaya (MBTN).

On Wed, Aug 12, 2020 at 12:01 PM V Subrahmanian <v.subrahmanian at gmail.com>

> Some questions arise:
> How can someone who has attained andham tamas be reborn?

> How and when were those reborn in Kali (after having been sent to andham
> tamas by Bhima) sent to 'even greater andham tamas' for their propagating
> MaayaavAda?

My understanding is that actual attainment is not until end of Brahma
kalpa. There is no such thing as "jivan-mukthi" in the siddhAnta.

Vayu Purana as quoted by Sri Sankarshana Odayaru (in Dvaita tradition)

  muktiyogyAnAM tu yalliN^gaM virajAtaraNAvadhi
  tamoyogyAnAM tu yalliN^gaM gadayA vyapohati
  nityasaMsAriNAM tu yalliN^gaM hUN^kAreNa vinashyati |

For muktiyogya jIvA-s, lingadEha stays till virajA river. For tamoyogya-s,
it is removed by gadAprahAra by vAyu, and for nityasaMsAri-s, it is
destroyed by hUN^kAra
by vAyudeva."

> Did MaNimAn take the snake form after having been sent to that greater
> andham tamas or before?

Again, in my limited understanding is that ManNimAn will be doing his so
called "sAdhana" till the end of this kalpa. I may be subjected to

> Also, the MBTN says that those demonical ones killed by Bhima were jealous
> of the genuine devotees of Vishnu and pleased Shiva by their tapas and were
> born (to spread the Maayaavaada) and they were born in Brahmin families.
> How can asura-s of such taamasic nature as having deserved death in the
> hands of Bhima and having gone to andham tamas have the power to choose
> their birth? Is not birth due to one's karma?

That is so in the ordinary sense. As long as there is a boon (or shApa),
the birth is determined. Also look at it from a different perspective --
the very karma they did (doing tapas and getting boon from Rudra)
determined their next birth. But the very intention behind doing such
karama is based on their svarUpa (of keep wishing/doing evil). Given that
Parabrahman is quite impartial to anybody, enables their wish.

> Also, is there any mention of these, the attainment of andham tamas by
> those killed in the Saugandhikavana and their reincarnation in Kali, their
> tapas to please Shiva, etc. in the Mahabharata?
I will dig into that.


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