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> > One of the striking similarities between Indian Dvaita and Christianity
> and
> > Islam is that they share a common belief that all those who do not
> > subscribe to their particular theology get eternal damnation in hell.
> >
> "Belief" ?  Didn't I quote so many shruti/itihAsa take on this issue? There
> is nothing in your argument except superficially comparing vEdic darshana
> with abrahmaic schools.

The quotes you have provided are contradicted by prahaladas story in vp
The above shruthi which I quoted also contradicting your take.
Stories of hari dveshas like sishupala and kamsa attaining liberation is
also quite contradictory to your references.

The isha upanishad you quoted was already discussed in length when a dvaita
has quoted the same verses. You can check the archives for the answers. All
the questions were thoroughly answered.I don't think the elders will again
repeat the discussion. The Gita verses were also taken.

Now that you have quoted the bori edition I am guessing it's authentic only
sir. Here is a quote from mb (bori) -

वासुदेव उवाच
10017006a नूनं स देवदेवानामीश्वरेश्वरमव्ययम्
10017006c जगाम शरणं द्रौणिरेकस्तेनावधीद्बहून्
10017007a प्रसन्नो हि महादेवो दद्यादमरतामपि
10017007c वीर्यं च गिरिशो दद्याद्येनेन्द्रमपि शातयेत्
10017008a वेदाहं हि महादेवं तत्त्वेन भरतर्षभ
10017008c यानि चास्य पुराणानि कर्माणि विविधान्युत
10017009a आदिरेष हि भूतानां मध्यमन्तश्च भारत


The holy one said, "Verily, Drona's son had sought the aid of that highest
of all the gods, the eternal Mahadeva. It was for this that he succeeded in
slaying, single-handed, so large a number of warriors. If Mahadeva be
gratified, he can bestow even immortality. Girisha can give such valour as
will succeed in checking Indra himself. I know Mahadeva truly, O bull of
Bharata's race! I know also his various acts of old. He, O Bharata, is the
beginning, the middle, and the end of all creatures. This entire universe
acts and moves through his energy.

This may not be exactly relevant but this opposes the dvaita standpoint.

As you have quoted the narada purana , please look into the archive where
subbu sir has given dialogues between vishnu and shiva. This again
contradicts your standpoint.

Regarding the brahmasutras again look into the archive. Subbu sir has
provided sanskrit verses and link for english translation. Here vyasa
clearly states that he has written bs only to prove that there is no
difference between brahman and jiva.This is present in the vayu Purana. As
far as puranas are concerned there is no need for further debate.

Now some purana verses show duality, but here is what the vashista
dharmasutra says about puranas-chapter 27 verse 6

6. Let him strengthen the Veda by (studying) the Itihāsas and Purāṇas. For
the Veda fears a man of little learning, (thinking) 'He will destroy me.'

So it's evident as to why puranas might show duality. So it's only to
strengthen a man's intellect before he studies the veda puranas are read.
And hence puranas can't be used to change verses of Shruthi.

I seek your forgiveness if I had said something wrong.

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