[Advaita-l] Objects-attributes and taadaatmya sambandha

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> PraNAms
> I am coping a couple of pages my notes on the Vedana Paribhasha, written
> more than two decades ago, relevant to taadaatmya sambandha - for those who
> are interested.
> I am aware that what is written below is not agreeable to many. That is
> expected.

Those who study philosophical systems in systematic ways may clearly deny
your whole write up since it has many flaws.
Since you have written very well, it gives others hints where your
misconceptions lie.
I'll suggest people not to take anything related with the meaning of
vyAvahArika, existence of the perceived inside/outside, padArtha doesn't
exist, etc.
If you take this writeup seriously, you are creating a big block in the way
of correct understanding. This only applies if you want to study these
philosophical systems in the correct way and not depending on translation,
and those teachers who limit themselves to a few texts.
I'm planning to write a Sanskrit post on ahaMkAra and tAdAtmya, very soon
which will be available on the blog. I'll post updates.

The problem with KS write up may be apparent to many. So, I stop just by
mentioning problematic points and not going in arguments in
negating/supporting anything.
 I've a few other projects where I've to concentrate. I'm sorry for not
engaging and refuting the whole post.

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