[Advaita-l] Is empathy a function of ahamkara?

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<<  If A generates B and C simultaneously, then how are you claiming that B
cause of C? >>,
Citing from मानमेयोदय (mAnameyodaya),  pp 150

<< नन्वेवं सति गुणगुणिनोः परस्परं कार्यकारणभावो न स्यात् । न हि
समानकालीनयोरन्योऽन्यं कार्यकारणभावः अन्यत्र दृष्टचरः । इति चेत् । मैवम्
।समानकालीनयोरपि गुणिगुणयोरुपादानोपादेयभावस्य दृष्टत्वादेरोपपत्तेः ॥ न
चैतद्दर्शनं भ्रमः॥ बाधकाभावात्॥ >>

<< nanvevaM sati guNaguNinoH parasparaM kAryakAraNabhAvo na syAt | na hi
samAnakAlInayoranyo.anyaM kAryakAraNabhAvaH anyatra dRRiShTacharaH | iti
chet | maivam |samAnakAlInayorapi guNiguNayorupAdAnopAdeyabhAvasya
dRRiShTatvAderopapatteH || na chaitaddarshanaM bhramaH|| bAdhakAbhAvAt||>>

Translation  by C. Kunhan Raja and Prof Suryanarayana Shastri  << Now, “if
this be so, between the quality and what has that quality there would not
be the  reciprocal relation of effect and cause ; indeed elsewhere has
never before been seen the reciprocal relation of effect and cause between
what are produced at 6he same time “. If this be said, it is not so ;
because this is intelligible even through the relation of material cause
and the effect of the material cause being seen to exist between what has a
quality and that quality, though simultaneous. And this sight is not a
delusion, because there is no sublator >>.


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