[Advaita-l] Is empathy a function of ahamkara?

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> Thank you for your response, Subbu ji.
> It is correct then that sympathy, empathy, sorrow at the suffering of
> others (distinct from self-pity) all of that
> Is vritti of the mana and is part of the ahankara.
> If taken to the logical conclusion it is unreal, aspect of maya, it is the
> snake in the analogy.
> Would it be correct then to say that within Adavitic way of life, one
> should do nothing to alleviate suffering.
> I understand the karma yoga concept of gita, which seems to me more of a
> dualistic point of view.

The Advaita sadhaka is asked to cultivate all the Atma guNa-s or sattva
guNa-s as stated in the Gita. This includes 'dayA bhUteShu'.  So, there is
nothing un-advaitic in this. It is by cultivating the mind with these
qualities that one can rise to the realization of the true nature of Atman
which is Brahman. Dvaita, in this context, is the stepping stone for
Advaita. Karma yoga is indeed taught for he who has not yet had the
Advaitic realization.


> It will no longer be advaita, because the atma is the subject. Sorrow is
> the object.
> Please point out where i am mistaken.
> Namashivaya
> Soma

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