[Advaita-l] Is empathy a function of ahamkara?

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<<  Thus, from that perspective, ahamkAra is not a cause of mamakAra.
However, we can accept that ahamkAra presupposes mamakAra. As said in the
panchapAdika by padmapAdAchArya - अहमिति तावत् प्रथमोऽध्यासः >>


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You are quite correct. I meant it in the sense that mamakAra requires that
there is an ahamkAra beforehand >>.

A different understanding. It is a nyAya postulate that cause must precede
effect. The relationship between them is one of samavaya.This  is not
accepted in Advaita (and Mimamsa). According to Advaita (and Mimamsa)
 cause and effect can and do originate simultaneously from the same cause.
The relationship between them is one of tAdAtmya.

Illustration is substance and quality. Redness and  roseness in Red Rose.
The explanation as per NyAya and Advaita(and Mimamsa) is along the above

Accordingly, the relationship between ahamkAra and mamakAra in Advaita is
one of tAdAtmya and not cause and effect. They originate simultaneously
from the same cause, avidyA.

My understanding.

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