[Advaita-l] What is the purpose of Life ? by Osho

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> If not आचार्यः then Bhagwan Shri Rajneesh.
> The word Bhag means “divine radiance, excellence, majesty, fortune,
> blessing etc”.

A book, "Bhagawan: The God that failed", should help you know how much of a
Bhagavan was he. Papaji/ Poonja Maharaj, who was blessed by Ramana Maharshi
in more ways than one, said that followers of Osho flocked to him after the
latter's death. Poonja Maharaj said that Osho had completely destroyed
their minds!!

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/* येनेदं सर्वं विजानाति, तं केन विजानीयात्। Through what should one know
That owing to which all this is known! [Br.Up. 4.5.15] */

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