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 Dear members,
I agree with the views of madam श्रीमल्ललितालालितः and one should follow her suggestions if some one is specific target oriented approach in learing the science whether it is advaita/vedanta /any scientific discipline.

One should keep always asking questions, try to learn the answers from it and this can only keep the mind ignited and makes the desire path.

some people may be extraordinary being the toddler and some even not if they turned to centuries in the knowledge aspect.

some may walking in ahead of time & some may be going back in time in their destiny paths. As the kundalini shakti rised from the muladhaar to sahasraar chakra results in mantra siddhi. with the rise of shakti from the root chakra to saharara make a person blissful and his eyes looks radiant and blissfull eyes some times gives the answers or nod to so many queries and no need of twisting of the words to convay the truth. Radiant eyes convay the truth to the self-honest personalities.

Out of context, I would like to mention one example here: In one of the Research Scholar selection boards, I have a chosen a moderate person who scores 70% rather than a creamy person who was above 90% and made convince the other people of the board. As I need an application oriented / product deliverable person rather than creamy person who can excel in the academic research. I also convayed the same to him.

Kaushik initially looks like a creamy person so he needs to bu nurtured like gold has to be harvested before it becomes arnament. So my advise is that never stop questioning, keep on questioning the self first and try to find the answers from it.

These are some of my views & not intended against any one.

Sri Guru Padaravindarpana Mastu

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> Hello respected sirs.
> And I got to know about the different schools of thought.
> Then as advaita alone considers shiva as supeme I started reading upon it.

That's a wrong notion, if you consider that Shiva is pa~Nchamukha-devatA.
If you don't have any such consideration, then Advaita-Vedanta calls Shiva,
VishNu, devI, etc. all supreme in the same manner, i.e. discarding any form
and qualities related.
So, if you are here only because of Shiva in popular sense, then this may
not be a good place.
Popular Shiva is supreme in schools which follow shaiva-Agama-s.

I started reading shri subbu sirs blog daily and also contacted him
> regarding few things.

VS is a good student of Advaita Vedanta.
He has helped many.

> But when I ask a few questions I didn't get proper responses sometimes.

In any group, there are people who have time and enthusiasm to help others,
and others who have some different purpose, like learning, refuting, etc.
You must not expect too much.
Archives and blogs are enough to help, only if you are unbiased and are
open to understand things as they are.
Otherwise, you must start learning from a *compassionate* teacher.

Even though I say in every post that I am a beginner and I will correct my
> answers with the elders knowledge I got condescending answers.

Learn to ignore what is not related to the question.
People will say things, because they are not your teacher. They are here to
correct and debate.
You are searching for a teacher. Group/Mailing-Lists are not teachers.

> Where can I ask my questions?

Continue to ask shaemlesly.
Shying away, feeling hurt, etc. is not going to help you.
Just ignore people and keep posting.
Generous people will reply.

> No one in my family is versed in vedanta.
> None of my friends even know about vedanta. This was my only hope of asking
> the questions and gaining knowledge. Is it wrong?

But, if you are not willing to learn it in a proper way and want to
continue throwing questions, then yes.
Again, try to learn it from a teacher, increase your understanding of
Sanskrit, etc.
This is a big task/journey.
But, if you are not ready to learn and want to understand things by posting
questions in mailing groups, it may not help you have any proper

> I ask beginniner
> questions because I am one. The reason I asked my latest question was
> because I was disturbed by the concept of eternal hell for believers for
> other philosophies.

The first step for you must be to ask for proof for any idea related to any
If you could do this, you will stay unbiased, un-abusive and will learn new

> I have decided I won't ask any more questions or post any answers.

Don't stop. Just prepare yourself to understand answers by study of
original texts.

I will just read the knowledgable answers from the elders.

That may not be the fastest way to learn anything, since many have
differing concepts, many can't express correctly, many share unrelated
ideas as Vedanta-concept, etc.
So, learn under some Guru, learn Sanskrit, elevate yourself.
No good quality can be earned without striving in the correct direction.

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