[Advaita-l] Is empathy a function of ahamkara?

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> One’s own suffering can be seen as a function of ahamkara, caused by 
> errors of avarna and vikshepa. What about the sadness on seeing others 
> suffer, such as the recent killings of Black Americans, even children, 
> innocent victims.I suppose you can call it karuna. How do we accomodate 
> this feeling of empathy, sadness, karuna for the sufferings of others? 
> And how do we act in providing comfort if we see their suffering also as 
> maya.

This why higher Vedantic sadhana has been taught to be the domain of 
sannyasis.  A sannyasi is detached from the world and has no obligations 
to it.

A grhastha is defined by his attachments which run the gamut from his own 
self-love to ideally love for all beings.  Regulated by dharma, such 
attachments can be a source of great good.  The only dharma cannot do is 
provide is moksha.  Non-attachment is the only upaya for that.

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