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Citing the स्मृति (smRRiti) vAkya << अरूपोऽप्राकृतत्वाच्चे >>  <<
arUpo.aprAkRRitatvAchche >>,  न्यायामृत (nyAyAmRRita)  contends that since
the word 'aprAkrita' is mentioned alongside 'arUpaH' in the स्मृति
(smRRiti) passage, it should be understood that what is denied is any
prAkrita rUpa for Brahman. Not that Brahman is absolutely rUparahita as
contended by advaita. Accordingly it contends  << सर्वैरपीश्वरे
लीलाविग्रहांगीकाराच्च। >>  << sarvairapIshvare lIlAvigrahAMgIkArAchcha|>>.

The response given is that in the स्मृति (smRRiti) vAkya cited, the context
is  upAsya Brahman or apara Brahman, and not para Brahman. Hence the
subject matter itself is different.

My understanding.



On Tue, Aug 4, 2020 at 1:47 PM V Subrahmanian via Advaita-l <
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> In the 2nd Pariccheda of the Advaitasiddhi occurs the section on 'the
> negation of any default form for Brahman':
> ब्रह्मणो निराकारत्वोपपत्तिः
> अत एव–“अरूपोऽप्राकृतश्च" इति स्मृत्यैवारूपश्रुतिगत्युक्तेः नारूपमित्यनेन
> रूपमात्रनिषेध इति–निरस्तम्: स्मृतेरुपास्यपरत्वेन ज्ञेयब्रह्मप्रतिपादकायाः
> श्रुतेः सङ्कोचे कारणाभावात्
> The siddikara responds to a smriti passage 'arUpo aprAkRiteshca'.  The
> passage corresponds to the page 744  printed book of the Ananthakrishna
> Sastry edition.  The Laghuchandrika says what constitutes 'aprAkritatvam
> and rarUpatvam':
> तथा चाप्राकृतपदेन प्राकृतविलक्षणमायोपाधिकत्वेनारूपपदेन च
> रूपसामान्यशून्यत्वेन उपास्यत्वमुक्तस्मृत्या लभ्यत इति बोध्यम् |
> By the word 'aprAkrita' in the cited passage a form that is distinct from
> prAkrita and is mAyopaadhika.  By the word 'arUpaH', what is meant is a
> complete absence of the very category called rUpa.  This passage means that
> such a Brahman is upAsya, meant for meditating.
> Thus, the meaning of aprAkrita is: it is not of prakriti, that is, a
> general sequential product of prakriti through the pancha bhuta
> transformation but something attributed by the association of mAyA.
> Anyone with a different/improved understanding is welcome with the
> suggestion.
> regards
> subbu
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