[Advaita-l] An apology

Kaushik Chevendra chevendrakaushik at gmail.com
Sun Aug 2 22:27:56 EDT 2020

Hello respected sirs.
In my recent posts and questions there has been few words.
I would like to introduce myself properly so you can understand the reason
for which I have asked such questions.

I have just completed my 12th . Last year or so I developed an attachment
to Lord shiva. I started reading more and more about him and my mind was
completely occupied by him only.
When I was reading about him I started learning about the smriti and
And I got to know about the different schools of thought.
Then as advaita alone considers shiva as supeme I started reading upon it.
I realized the purpose of life should be only attaining knowledge. When I
started reading more and more I saw the objections of other schools on
I started reading shri subbu sirs blog daily and also contacted him
regarding few things. He suggested I join this group. I had already been
reading from the archives and saw the knowledge in the group. And I joined
it. But when I ask a few questions I didn't get proper responses sometimes.
Even though I say in every post that I am a beginner and I will correct my
answers with the elders knowledge I got condescending answers.
Where can I ask my questions? No one in my family is versed in vedanta.
None of my friends even know about vedanta. This was my only hope of asking
the questions and gaining knowledge. Is it wrong? I ask beginniner
questions because I am one. The reason I asked my latest question was
because I was disturbed by the concept of eternal hell for believers for
other philosophies.
I have decided I won't ask any more questions or post any answers.
I will just read the knowledgable answers from the elders.

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