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Sun Aug 2 14:25:27 EDT 2020

This kind of condescending attitude by some in the elder generation is doubtless partly the cause of a lack of interest in the younger generation.

Yes, Sanskrit and grammar are necessary for those who delve deep into Vedanta.

But to discourage those from inquiring into it on the basis of ignorance of grammatical intricacies is wrong.

It is up to the learned elders to gently foster and nurture the flame of interest among the young into paramarthika matters, to slowly open the doors to the garden such knowledge, and  not to pour water onto the flame or to construct a perpetually locked fence around it. 

With all due respect, a very unfortunate reply. 

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> On Aug 2, 2020, at 1:08 PM, Venkata sriram P via Advaita-l <advaita-l at lists.advaita-vedanta.org> wrote:
> ´╗┐Dear Kaushik,
> From your membership details, it is learnt that you are 10+2
> and I understand you are 18+. 
> These questions from a teenager who just passed high school 
> indicate the seriousness.  A vedanta student should not approach
> with such questions.  Reading books from here & there, cursory glance of
> vedanta terminology from online sources etc. is not a good start. 
> Take one prakaraNa grantha like tattva bodha etc. are delve deep into it.  
> Though at this age of yours, I don't advise anybody to study vedanta.  
> A firm and sound foundation of sanskrit is required. 
> First study sanskrit, few kavyas, tarka sangraha, laghu siddhanta kaumudi then
> go for vedanta study. 
> regs,
> sriram
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