[Advaita-l] Omnipresence

Raghav Kumar Dwivedula raghavkumar00 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 1 01:01:57 EDT 2020

Namaste Subbuji
Thats a cogent way of putting it by you.

Anything that has form (rUpa) is within pAnchabhautika creation since it is
made of agni tattvaM - even if it's 'sUxma', that does not alter the
bhautikatvaM of entities endowed with rUpa or form.

So if we say Ishwara has an absolute niyata (default) *form* then that's
got to be pAnchabhautika - it is a part of the creation and we unwittingly
end up saying that He cannot be the Creator/srishTi-kartA since he is part
of the creation.

Even in Brahma loka, where Advaita Vedanta would place Vaikuntha and
kailAsha, goloka vRndAvana, etc., if we talk of Ishvara/Hiranyagarbha with
a *form* (rUpa), then that necessarily is within creation and hence
destructible at kalpAnta praLaya.

All Indian darshanas accept a similar/common sRShTi kramaM in which the
idea is valid that all forms are made of the element called tejas.

The mention of aprAkRta 'forms' does not invalidate bhautikatvaM. Even
there, in a putative aprAkRta world, all that is changeable and made of
parts is destructible. If we say logic does not apply there in that
aprAkRta World, then it is illogical.

The divine vishvarUpa forms and other divine forms of the Lord are regarded
as yogaja pratyaXa, experienced in the shuddha antaHkaraNam of mahAtmas by
Ishwara's grace and the fitness of the adhikari. They are divine but within


"Upanishads do not offer any pramana for the humans gaining aprAkruta
indriyas to objectify the aprAkruta rUpa of Brahman."

I too was looking at whether any aprAkRtika Worlds are mentioned in Shastra
(it is known that goloka, vaikunTha etc are within creation as Brahma loka,
according to vyAsa Maharshi in his sUtras) . And presumably in these lokas,
there are aprAkRtika eyes, ears etc experiencing aprAkRtika forms and
sounds in the aprAkRtika world. Then we have to analyze those aprAkRtika
eyes, ears, form and sounds and we come back to the aprAkRitika
pAnchabhautika sRShTi etc., all needless conjecture suffering from gaurava
doSha (violating the principle of parsimony).

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