[Advaita-l] The obnoxious motive behind the Mani Manjari, Sumadhva Vijaya and Vaayustuti

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Dear Sir,
                 obnoxious motive behind the advatic path:

What methods we can take or what we can do about these motive of the mean minders.

The word Obnoxious is something untolerable as I works in some of the chemicals of this type and it is highly unpleasant and we can't even bear it for a moment. But what to as It is my bread & butter , as we took a project related to this and by working this many years out of my duty making and testing some of these in the laboratory, Now a days my sensory Organs reached such a tolerance, What ever we call it as Obnoxious in the beginning (a decade back), now it is routine to us. I comfortably works now as a duty although unpleasant.

Im which way we can control these obnoxious moves and how we can save guard the advatic works, or Can we formulate some guide line or something like that.


 On Friday, 22 November, 2019, 4:57:20 PM IST, V Subrahmanian via Advaita-l <advaita-l at lists.advaita-vedanta.org> wrote:

 BNK Sharma has said: The Mani Manjari, Sumadhva Vijaya and Vayustuthi were
composed with a view to bring about propaganda and proselytization of the
new school of Madhvacharya. The meaning of ‘proselytization’ is // To
attempt to convert someone to one’s own religious faith.//

All the three compositions listed above have their quota of demonizing
Shankaracharya and the works have become notorious that way that even some
foreign scholars have lamented on this aspect.

See image from Dr.BNK Sharma’s book ‘The History of Dvaita Vedanta and its
Literature’ – third revised edition p.232/3 in the attachment.

Read here about the illustrious profile of Dr.Sharma:

See image of BNK Sharma’s book:


Read the English translation of the Vaayustuti of Trivikrama Panditacharya:

 9. Those who adore and worship with all devotion
The third incarnation which is worshipped by gods
Will be honoured in the heaven, Vaikunthaloka
They get delightful divine robes and all the comforts
The heavenly servants provide cool breeze with chamaras
Divine damsels will hug them and provide the charms of embrace.

  1. Your abode Vaikuntha abounds with bewitching dance
  Devine damsels provide music which is enchanting
  The wind carries the fragrance of Kunda and Mandara flowers
  For the blesseds Vaikuntha is the ideal place to reside.    [Note: For
  mumukshu-s and Sannyasins the shaastra forbids contact with
  ‘srak-chandana-vanita’ [flower/garlands, sandal frangrance and women.]

    31. Madhva Guru roared like a lion with his commentaries

                                                            The jackals who
  argued for Mayavada became impotent

                                      Their pride was shattered, they were
  mortally scared

            They thought that it was time to leave the country

                                                              They scattered
  in ten directions, vowed to fight back

                                            As they abused the righteous their
  faces became black.

            Om Tat sat
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