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This story is like the Ajamila story in Bhagavata Purana. Kindly read it
below. There it is Narayana Bhakti here it is Shiva Bhakti.
Shivasya Hrudayam Vishnuhu Vishnosca Hrudayam Shivaha.


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> Dear Members,
>                         There is an interesting story of Lord Kubera
> (Dhandhipathi) in his previous birth and blessing from Maheswara to become
> in charge for Treasures (Nava Nidhi's). It was told by BrahmmanSri
> Samavedam Shanumukha Sharma Garu at  the Koti Deepotsavam during
> Kartikamasa Vaisistya Mahostavam.
> It was Quite interesting and curious to know his previous birth as
> Kubera is considered the Lord of Wealth and the god-king of the
> semi-divine Yakshas . But few people know that he was actually a thief in
> his previous birth.  Kubera’s Past Life:  Elaborate reference is in Shri
> Shiva Mana Puran’s 2nd samhita (Rudra Samhita) Srushti Khandam
> Gunanidhi’s Tale  A highly devoted  Brahmin called Yajnadutta lived in the
> city of Kampilya Pura,, a long time ago. That Brahmin was blessed with a
> promising son after a long waiting whom the happy father had named
> Gunanidhi, literally meaning ‘repository of fine attributes’. After the
> boy’s sacred thread ceremony (Upanayana) he was sent to a guru to learn
> letters and gain wisdom.The boy progressed into youth but unfortunately
> fell in a bad company (sangatya Dosha) and picked up all bad and vice
> habits. Yajnadutta had been too busy to notice the degeneration of his son.
> The mother was blind in affection for her son to see anything going wrong.
> Spoil rotten with all bad habits gambling, drinking, roaming, Gunanidhi
> made himself  a gaint of Rakshasa Prvaritti which is quite opposite to his
> fathers qualities. All the money he laid his hands on went into those
> vices. Then, needing more money he began to thieve and sell the stolen
> goods. Once he gambled away all he had made. Meanwhile, his father, while
> going to river to take his bath entrusted his precious gold ring to his
> wife. The wife placed it in a niche of a wall. The son, Gunanidhi saw her
> doing that and stole the ring. He sold it to a man and gambled away the
> proceeds. Incidentally, Yajnadutta ran into the person who was wearing the
> ring his wife had lost. Upon inquiry the man revealed that he had bought
> the ring from a young man named Gunanidhi.  Yajnadutta now realized that
> what lately he had been hearing bad things about his son were true. The son
> learns that his father had come to know of his misdeeds. Gunanidhi fled to
> avoid being confronted by his anguished father.
> Gunanidhi went hungry for a couple of days. He flopped under a tree
> famished and exhausted. Suddenly flavours of richly cooked food wafted into
> his nostrils. A faithful was carrying some food offering to the nearby Lord
> Shiva temple. He waited at some distance for an opportunity to steal the
> offering. He saw the worship and prayers being sung. When the devotees fell
> asleep he sneaked into the sanctum where in front of Lord Shiva idol
> offerings were placed. The wick of the lamp had slipped into the oil and
> flame was about to flicker off. Gunanidhi quickly tore a strip off his
> kurta, dipped in oil, lit it and put it into the lamp to serve as
> substitute wick. Then he tried to hurry out with the bundle of stolen food
> offering. But he happened to stumble against a sleeping devotee who
> screamed in fright. The devotees woke up and grabbed the thief. Gunanidhi
> got beaten up and a blow of a thick stick smashed his skull. He died
> instantly.
> The agents (dootas) of death (Yama) arrived to dispatch the sinful soul of
> Gunanidhi to burning hell. But Ganas (elite guards of Lord Shiva)
> intervened saying that Gunanidhi had earned a place in the divine domain of
> Lord Shiva by participating in Lord Shiva worship, lighting the lamp after
> fasting for two days before his death, although done unwittingly yet the
> reward stood granted by the grace of lord. he had been salvaged.
> Rebirth of Gunanidhi as Kubera: As the son of the king of Utakala,
> Gunanidhi took rebirth by a new name Damana. Damana lived a life of piety,
> devotion and nobility. In his next birth he was born as the son of the
> grandson of  Vishrava Brahmma who indeed son of Pulastya Brahmma. He had
> brought forward goodness of his previous life and by the grace of Lord
> Maheshwara, remembered all about his past lives.
> An ardent devotee of Lord Shiva he remained all his life. On the bank of
> Ganga he planted a holy lingam and penance on empty stomach. His shriveled
> skin draped his skeletal emaciated body. Propitiated with his intense
> devotion Lord Shiva appeared to him along with his divine consort. The
> blessed their faithful with the boon of a divine body and renamed him
> 'Kubera’. By the grace of divine couple, Kubera later gained the rule of
> Alkapuri. Lord Shiva went to live near Alkapuri when Kubera wished for his
> proximity on a boon.
> Kubera became devotee of lord siva and started worshipping him like
> anything and he little the lamps whenever there is an oprtunity (which was
> the main job he performed before his death as Gunan nidhi) and one day Lord
> shiva impressed with the Qualityes of Lubera and  Thus, Lord Shiva granted
> his proximity to his favored faithful Kubera who became the lord of the
> divine treasury.
> According the Brahhmma Sri Samavedam Shanumukha Sarma Garu:
> which shows the way (or removes the darkness) of Light (kanti punjam) to
> the walkers of Advatic path in this Karmic Land.
> Some other usefull link for the story:
> https://www.researchut.com/gunanidhi-kuber-shiv-puraan/
> Sri Guru Padaravindarpana MASTU
> Kameswara
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