[Advaita-l] How & why did you become interested in moksha?

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Thu Jul 18 10:01:45 EDT 2019

Actually, nobody is looking for Moksha or liberation or going to Heaven or Vaikunta or Kailaasa.
Everybody is looking for happiness - whether one is religious or irreligious or atheist or theist - mainly in the wrong place it is not there - This search is going on life afterlife.
Only when a person becomes mature and starts examining the validity of all the pursuits for everlasting happiness:
pareeksha lokaan karma chitaan brahmano ... 
For that mature person, the only Vedanta advises to go and approach a teacher how to gain that happiness. That comes at different times and via different means depending on one's samskaara or the due to the merits done in the past lives. 
manuhsyatvam mumukshutvam and mahaapurusha samsrayam - durlbam trayam etat.. says Vivekachudamani. To be born as a human being, the desire for liberation and association with the right teacher is indeed a blessing due to the grace of God or due to the prior samskaara. Happens in different ways for different people.
Hari Om!


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What life circumstances brought you to the quest for liberation?

And what do you find your biggest challenge with that quest is?

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