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Source: Speaking Tree, Times, Author: Shriniv Narayan
Dear Members,                         Some people often say that they will speak to their mind and it is not a simple task to perform. To do this, one should have body less consciousness with focused mind. we may see many things, listen many things, but reality can be different than we persists. Speaking to mind can be possible with vidhehatma buddhi other wise your karmic people will dip you in wells. 
A web Link to Article from todays Times of India: 
If we are consciously inwards to our activities, we may loose materialistic things which we earned in this physical body but we can gain eternal treasures by serving the lotus feet from where we have seen the divine light. It is the opportunity for the disciple given by the Guru to lead the path of self-realization towards liberation. Saint Ramakrishna often says that Guru can read the subtle thoughts of the disciples and can read the mind for whom he bestowed the mantra shakti.  Un wavering faith of the disciple's to the lotus feet will give the path to reach the guru charanaravinda as varivasya " Shasrara Maha Chakre Karpura DhavaleGURU" i.e Guru's sandals dwells & shine in white colour in the 1000 petal lotus of the Brain.
Sri Guru Padaravindarpana MastuKameswara

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