[Advaita-l] Fw: Suka Deva learning Brahmma Jnana from King Janaka

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Dear Members,                         Sukadeva was born from the Divine Fire when Veda Vyasa was making Yagnya. Sukadeva came out, he bowed down to his father and said, “Father! What shall I do?” and the father said, “Go learn the Vedas, study with Brihaspati.” Sukadeva studied with Brihaspati for many years and he became expert at Veda Vedanta and he got his Samavartan.
Detailed story is at this Link:Story of Sukadeva

King Janak said, “What you say is very true. I have all ofthese responsibilities, but none of it is mine. I’m the administrator of this kingdom on behalf of a higher King. I’m only a servant in the kingdom of Godand that’s why they call me liberatedwhile living.” Sukadeva bowed down to the King, and went back to VedaVyasa’s house, and said, “Father, Whatever you say, I’m ready to do.” Accordingly,Sukadeva got married and he had two children and he educated his children. 

Ashada Sukla Pournami (Guru/Vyasa Pournami)
Sri Guru Padaravindarpana MastuKameswarananda  

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