[Advaita-l] Whether the question of creation from Brahman is valid

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> Hari Om,

> Therefore, the very question as to how of creation from Brahman should be
> impermissible in Advaita VedAnta because without having "some
> understanding" of Brahman, this question is not possible AND no
> understanding is possible about Brahman.

It is not appropriate to say that 'no understanding is possible about
Brahman' as the shruti asks us to get a perfect understanding of Brahman:
Brahma vit aapnoti param. Even the very first brahma sutra says: atha ato
brahma jijnaasaa.  For that the explanation is 'brahma jijnaasaa
kartavyaa'. Tad vijijnaasasva,   drashtavyah...etc. Only that Brahman
cannot be/should not be known as an object.

Thus, one should know Brahman as not a kaarya of anything and not a kaarana
of anything. In that process, first to know Brahman as jagatkaaranam is
tatastha lakshana. This adhyaropa is denied, apavada, when Brahman is
taught as 'apurvam anaparam.'


> Regards,
> Sudhanshu Shekhar.
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