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> It remains to be seen what verses have been removed from this self-declared
> 'vaiShNava' version of the Mahabharata.
> One expedient way of 'samanvaya' would be presumably to just censor all
> inconvenient truths and references praising Shiva as jagatkAraNam
> And verses of obvious Non-dual import.

Your guess is corroborated by this verse:

avaidikatrayaM j~nAnaM vAsiShThaM sUtasamhitA |
kAshIkhaNDaM parityAjyaM vaidikasya virodhataH ||

Thus, the criteria for deciding what is taamasa puranam and avaidikam is:
the text in question should be (1) denying paratvam to Vishnu and or
according paratvam to Shiva and (2) it upholds Advaita and (3) a
combination of the one and two.

Accordingly the Yogavasishtha, the Sutasamhita and KAshikhanDa of
skandapurana are fitting the above criteria.

> Hopefully they don't resort to such tactics.

It is only a fervent hope. But who cares?

Of course the concept of tamasa purana itself is avaidika because there is
no such concept of tamasa veda bhaga/upanishad even though there are many
vedic and upanishadic declarations for shiva paratva and advaita. If
someone can do 'samanvaya' of veda / upanishads despite such 'thorns', one
can do so with puranas too. Anandagiri, commenting on a Sureshwara vartika
has said that if puranas teach the bheda between trimurtis, since puranas
are subordinate, abala, to veda, they are not prAmANika.



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