[Advaita-l] Book Recommendation - Scientist's Search for Truth - Swami Virajeshwara

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Namaste Raghav Ji,

Your post landed in my Inbox only today, thanks to Google’s latest version.

Reg your observation

<< In the 18th chapter, the author vividly describes the experiene  (sic) of
the  “sakshatkara” (self-realization) as follows:

*“Who is this ‘I’? I went several rounds, back and forth: Everything is
Energy, everything is Brahma, then who is this ‘I’?*

*The ‘I’ which was so obviously perspicuous, which never needed even a
moment’s thought to know till now, appeared illusively enigmatic, the most
concealed and perplexing secret. A thing which was. so far clearly the
knower and the subject, now suddenly turned an unknown object to be known,
and the most difficult one. I was fully engrossed with this single thought,
with so deep a concentration that I never knew before, for quite some time.*

*Then in one spark, the answer flashed. ‘I’ is:*


*‘I’ is nothing, it is naught, a cipher. A non-entity. It does not exist.
‘I’ is a mere nonexistent ego. It has no existence, no place on earth. All
this was in deep samadhi.*

*That was it.”* >>,

I was a little surprised, coming as it does from you. I am not sure if I
have understood correctly. Are you suggesting that this is the position
taken by the Swamiji in accordance with  advaita ?? If yes, are you in
agreement with it ?? I thought it may perhaps correspond to the position of
Yoga Darshana, not advaita sidhanta.

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