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The following article, a collection of several instances from various
Purana-s and other texts, is in relation to another article titled ‘Vishnu,
donning the Bhasma Tripundra, meditates on Shiva – Harivamsha’ published in

You can download the file from the below link:


Some of the highlights or synopsis that the article deals with are as

1. Vishnu applies sacred ash all over his body and meditates on Lord Shiva
and realizes Lord Shiva as his antaryaami (Reference from Padma Purana).

2. Above same story present in an Upanishad and those slokas and meanings
are also highlighted in the article. (Reference from Brihat Jabala

3. Reference from Devi Bhagavatham where Lord Narayana describes Shiro
Vrata to Narada Muni. (NOTE: Shiro Vrata has been highlighted in Mundaka
Upanishad that only by taking Shiro Vrata one becomes fit for receiving
Brahma Vidya).

4. Further descriptions of different names of Shiro Vrata used in different
Shakas.Some skilled in Vedasiras call the besmearing the whole body with
sacred ashes as Pasupata; others call it Sirovrata; others, Atyasrama;
others, Vrata and Sambhava.

5. Mention about Jabala Maharishi and Jabala Shruti, uttering of Tryambaka
mantra, Panchakshara, Pancha Brahma mantra, rules for Tripundra Dharana.

6. Vishnu and other devas donning Bhasma and Rudraksha.

7. SadaShiva the originator of Brahma and Narayana (Reference from Padma

8. The method of preparing Bhasma (Reference from Padma Purana).

9. Mention about the life of Visnu which is said to be of the measure of
four inhalings of Mahesa and Lord Shiva (Reference from Padma Purana).

10. Lord Rama described wearing sacred ashes (Reference from Padma Purana).

11. Lord Shiva says that he doesn't need to meditate on anybody or he is
not chanting anyone's name since he alone is the Supreme Reality but still
he does that for leading the unbelievers into spiritual activity (Reference
from Padma Purana).

12. Instance where Krishna applies holy ashes all over his body and giving
the knowledge of Lord Shiva to all the sages (Reference from Padma Purana).

13. Reference from Kurma Purana describing Sushila taking Maha Pashupata
Vrata [[Atyashrami Vrata which has been specified in Shvetashvatara &
Kaivalya Upanishad]] from Shvetashvatara Maharishi.

14. Lord Narayana describing to Sage Markandeya on who is a Bhagavata:
Whoever is donning Bhasma Tripundra, chanting Shiva nama and contemplating
on Shiva are fit to be Bhagavatas (Reference from Narada Purana)

15. An article on the glories of Bhasma given by Subbu Ji (Reference from
Parasara Purana)

16. Glories of Bhasma in Suta Samhita (Brahma Gita 2nd Chapter Vedaartha
Vicharaha taks about it).

17. Mention of an instance in Ribhu Gita where Vishnu initiates his devotee
into Shiva Dharma and also says Shiva is the only give of Moksha and Moksha
can be acquired only by the grace of Shiva (Kind of matches with Ishvara
anugraha deva pumsam advaita vasana verse of Avadhuta Gita).

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