[Advaita-l] Jagadguru Speaks: Regulate Desires, Obtain Peace

S Jayanarayanan sjayana at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 7 23:25:48 EST 2019

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Desires must be regulated, at least to some extent, if man
wishes to lead a life of happiness. Desires must not be
entertained endlessly without restraint, for uncontrolled
desires wreak havoc on one's mental peace. They only lead
man from one sense object to another. Relentless pursuit
of these sense objects would lead to a wasted life.
We should practise moderation in everything. That is why
it is said that even nectar, when in excess, becomes poison.
When desires cannot be satiated even by the pleasures
enjoyed by the Devas, mighty rulers, and Asuras, how can
man with his modest means hope to satiate them?
  asurasuranaraaNaaM yo na bhogeShu tRRiptaH
  kathamiha manujAnAM tasya bhogeShu tRRiptiH .
  jalanidhijalapaane yo na jaato vitRRiShNaM
  tRRiNashikharagataambhaHpaantaH kiM sa tRRipyet.h ..
How can a dewdrop on a blade of grass quench that thirst
which cannot be sated even by drinking the entire ocean?
This only implies that desires have no bounds. By pondering
over the repercussions of his unbridled desires, man can
gradually reduce them within. Only a mind which has its
desires under control is contented. Happiness will naturally
Excess desires lead to avarice and consequently to destruction.
We continue to see instances of this. This is what
Sri Bhagavatpada has stated in one of his commentaries:
  na tRRiShNaayaaM satyaaM sukhasya gandhamaatramapi utpadyate .
As long as desires exist, even a trace of the sweet scent
of happiness cannot be experienced. 
Our blessings for all to understand this well, decimate
desires and lead a peaceful life. 

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