[Advaita-l] Six Inner Enemies and Advaita

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Thu Jan 3 02:38:41 EST 2019


First throw away philosophies and practice the prapatti (the way to bhakti-mArga).

Then, learn sanskrit....and....study bhAgavata.

Try to dive deep into it and may be you may get the priceless pearl called 'kriSNa-bhakti'.

परोपदेशवेलायां शिष्टा: सर्वे भवन्ति वै |
विस्मरन्तीह शिष्टत्वं स्वकार्ये समुपस्थिते ||

People become intelligent to give the advice ('upadesh') to other's when they are in distress. 
But the people forget that same intelligence while they themselves are in the difficulty.


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