[Advaita-l] a mumukshu and a deluded at pralaya

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Sorry. I sent the link ID for sanskrit version. Here is the link for the
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>> Hi,
>> I am confused here. Here are my doubts:
>> 1) You say Appaya Dikshitar has agreed to both the view points. sarava
>> mukti and a jeeva getting the knowledge of absolute and merging into
>> Brahman. But one of them only can be correct right. How to reconcile
>> Appayya Dikshitar's acceptance of both the view points? Which is actually
>> right?
>> 2) You quoted about Vamadeva Story. Can you quote in short about that
>> story? I know you gave the page number of that book, but that book is not
>> available in English. So it would be great if you could explain the story
>> of Vamadeva?
>> 3) I kind of agree with Bhaskar Prabhu on this. Why the jiva that has
>> attained Brahma Jnana has to wait for other jivas also to attain the
>> knowledge of Brahman. From H S Chandramouli Prabhu's statments, I see that
>> Bhamati school agrees with the concept of sarva mukti and Vivarna chooses
>> the other side. What has Shankaracharya told on this? Does he agree with
>> sarva mukti or once jeeva gets the knowledge of absolute he merges into
>> Brahman?
>> Thanks & Regards
>> Keshava Mahadeva
> Namatse..
> This arrived in my Inbox at 0935 hrs today (07 Oct 2018) while probably it
> was posted by Sri Keshavaat least 15-20 hrs earlier. Having noticed that it
> was not posted in the Forum on time, Sri Keshava had forwarded to the
> personal mail IDs of some of us at 0710hrs today stating the delay.
> I had alerted Sri Jaldhar Ji also earlier on this. I had also contacted
> the Helpdesk at Google or a solution. There has been no response from them.
> But I found that many others havecomplained on Google on this score. Even
> Company Group Mails appear to have faced the same problem.We seem to be
> stuck with this issue for quite some time to come. All this after Google
> changed to a new format.
> Addressing the issue raised by Sri Keshava, please find here the link ID
> for the text of SLS translated by Prof Suryanarayana Shastri. Please read
> through Chapter IV which would answer your questions.
> <<
> https://ia801604.us.archive.org/31/items/in.ernet.dli.2015.326652/2015.326652.The-Siddhantalesasangraha.pdf
> >>.
> Regards
> I
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