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Wed Jan 31 23:13:51 EST 2018

Dear Shakta Bhandhu's,                                              Bhavanopanishat says " Sri Guru" is the Primordial cause, i.e the Power, behind the creation, sustenance & destruction. If some one follows the guru lineage & beliefs in their own sampradaya, then one should wait for their time and grace from the Lotus feet as everything is happening for a particular Cause. Nothing happens in the nature on its own & without any cause. For anything it should happen, it requires the help from others. e.g., The sun dawns in the west  and it is not happening on its own.  Then what is the power behind this is the ''Dharma" and it is told by Yudhister during his Yaksha-Prasna-Samvada.
The ultimate non-duality & the Truth is revealed by the supreme in the consciousness if you devote to your guru. Since "Sri Guru' is the cause for everything, this body of nine (9) GATES is also the form of Sri Guru which is Para/Apara.
Although one knows how to talk, how to behave well and possessing language skills, tarka, mimamsa skills, but it is has to explained properly by a competent person.
It also says the Knowledge gains from the guru only bears the fruits as it is very subtle, very difficult to understand by oneself on their own.  There is always scope of misunderstanding and getting wrong knowledge will be more once you get into someone's personal affairs. Personal means Personal, there is no question of knowing the things in that. i.e Some one says No, means it is NO. It doesn't requires any explanation or tarkas in that.
Any learned members please contribute your view co-ordially.

Sri Guru Padaravindarpana Mastu

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