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This is a very useful book for Advaitins too. Terms used in the canonical
texts and other commentaries can be more clearly understood by consulting
this work.


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nyAyakosha is available for download at archive.org:



On Wednesday, January 31, 2018 at 5:54:06 PM UTC+5:30, Rishi Goswami wrote:

> ।। श्रीहरि: ।।
> नमो नमः।
> भूयो भूयो नमामि विदुष:। धन्यावादाश्च।
> अहम् धन्य: । श्रीमद्राकेशकुमारमहोदयस्य उत्तरेण परितृप्तोस्मि। लक्षणस्य
> समासविग्रहेण सर्वा: शङ्काः निवर्तिताः। किराणावलीम् अपि अन्वेषयामि
> अन्तर्जाले, अन्यथा चौखम्भातः प्रापस्यामि।
> Also, Thankyou very much Venkatji and Anandji for Vyakhya. Venkatji, I
> will buy the nyayakosham for further reference. Anandji, I understood the
> lakshanam of vyapti you explained so well. All my doubts are cleared.
> Namo Namah.
> Regards.
> Rishi.
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