[Advaita-l] Vedanta siddhanta muktavali

Anand Hudli anandhudli at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 26 22:32:35 EST 2018

> The tradition of PrakAshAnanda's vedAntasiddhAntamuktAvalI mentions the
> commentary by nAnA dIkShita. The commentary by Shri Jivananda Vidyasagar
> recent.

>Thanks Anand ji, is the old commentary available?

The advaita-grantha-kosha, on page 136, lists libraries where the
commentary is available- Government Oriental Manuscripts Library, Chennai,
Adyar Library, India Office Library (London), and The Asiatic Society,
Kolkata. However, the name of the author mentioned therein is nandA
dIkShita, which I believe is a misnomer or variant of nAnA dIkShita.


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