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Thanks for sharing information.
I had seen manuscript of sub commentary work in at least 2 libraries. I
didn't check the extent though.
I hope it will be published to extent of availability.

I am not aware of the extent of the sub commentary. However in the foreword
to the book HH says that this sub commentary was published some ninety
years ago but had a lot of errors. The present publication is without those


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> A new book: Brahmasutra bhashyam - Chatussuutrii
> A new book titled: 'ब्रह्मसूत्रशांकरभाश्यम् (चतुःसूत्री)
> पूर्णानन्दीयव्याख्यासहितया भाष्यरत्नप्रभया समन्वितम्' was released last
> year during the Maha Ganapati Vakyartha Sadas at Sringeri. It is a
> publication of the Sri Shankara Advaita Shodha Kendram of the Sringeri
> Sharada Peetham.
> The book is in hard-bound, p.240+  Price: Rs.100. Available at the Peetham
> book house at Sringeri and also from Vidya Bharati Press, Shankara MaTha
> Road, Bangalore 560004. Contact Sri K.Srinivasan at  srinivasan.rbi@
> gmail.com
> regards
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