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 Sata Chandi Yagnam: (100 Chandi Havans)
Dear Friends,                        As Some one asking me regarding the Sata Chandi Yagna and indeed it is my Master's long times wish that we should perform the 'Sata Chandi Yagna' and he used to mention to me several times during 90's that  we should perform that as per the rituals & Procedures for Loka-Kalyyanam. Although it is also little costlier ritual not like 'Athi Rudram' which involves the ' Soma Yagna'. 
Since we never had any habit of raising  funds or collecting the money towards adhyatmikata which is indeed against my prinicples. It should be done for the purpose of welfare of the society i.e Towards pleasing indra, varuna,mother godesses so that they bestows with rains, timely whether and protects people & crops from mahammari diseases.
Any Charity trust or group of people who are interested in the path of shakti sadhana should come forwards to take up such kind of activitIes as it involves dedication, TIME, Money & efforts/services of people 24x7 for at least 15 days. It is the vidya of this karmic land i.e bharat and it is not of any individual's idea or property.
How we can do this is simply performing 'Nava (9) Durga Sapta Sati parayana's for one(1) Chandi Havan and  by performing  12 chandi havans per day for 8 days it will become 12x8=96  and then on the final day one can easily perform four (4) chandi havan's  so that it will becomes total of one hundred (100) chandi havan's which is nothing but the Sata Chandi Yagam. on the final day i.e on the 9th day one should perform the Main Chandi Yagam along with all the people involved for 'Purna Huti' so that it bestows the siddhi and as well gives the fruits.
Since All the chandi yagam's are performed with some 'Kamyabdi' so it should be done with proper strict methods & procedures and care must be taken for not compromising performance of the no. of parayana's/Japa's .
A total of 100x9=900 for 8 days & on the final day 100 more parayana's for the purnahuti  by group of at least 100 vedic pandits in all the days who are initiated in durga sapta sati mantra & capable of doing chandi parayana in a single stretch in all the 9 days.
Anna Danam: On the 10th day one should perform  Shanti i.e the 'Anna Danam'/ BHANDARA for at least minimum of 1 Lakh people.
All the Chandi Havan's should be peformed by the people who are intiated in the path of shakti sadhana. I mean to say they should be done by the people who are having the Bala upasana or panchdadasi upasana.
All these activities must be carried out under the supervision of  any 'Sri Vidya Upasaka' Who has realised his self, having the Mantra Siddhi who can understand the benefits & risks of the methods involved and properly guided, supported by a committee of dedicated people who want to protect our karmic land 'Bharat'.
Today our Nation is celebrating its 63rd's Republic Day Parade and let us salute all the people who has dedicated their lives in brining the independence.
Sri Guru Padaravindarpana Mastu

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