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Wed Jan 24 20:44:01 EST 2018

Dear Friends,                       As I stated in my previous postings that 'TRUTH' is causeless, it is not having any purpose. Since we wanted to know the TRUTH, we tried to know, we snowed, that's it. It is some thing static i.e does not change with time or place.  We can simply say 'Sun Raises in the East & Dawn in the West', Infact it is True, it never change as long as we exists on the earth. Just like this we have borned to our parents which is 'Truth'. 
Todays TIMES has an interesting article in speaking tree  authored by James Anderson which say that Truth can make us transformed so that we can present any where on this earth.
It is not a concept, it is a tangible reality which has his discriminative actions. It exists in every atom of the universe and continuously evolving in new forms which can gives us new level of consciousness.  Once we came to know the Truth we become its reflection. When all is well inside, the body is also well as it reduces the constant turmoiling. 
To know the 'Truth', one has to surrender completely and there is no half-surrender.  Once you do that, start speaking truth only, for this one should have active consciousness alive through out your biological clock. It should also be active during your sleep.  Mother says each one us are unique which gives divine job on this earth.
One should be always be "Servant of Truth", one should install active consciousness in their minds so that they themselves are cheated by them. What I mean to say is that one can cheat any one but one can't cheat the 'self'.
According to Our famous saint, the walking shiva on this earth, Kanchi paramacharya swami chandrasekharendara saraswati: The solo motive of our life should be love in all actions we are going to perform, Let action be out of love,. Passions such as lust, desire, anger, hatred, prejudice, malice must be totally eschewed.
If love becomes the grounding principle of all deed then most of the ills of the world will vanish.
Sri Guru Padaravindarapana Mastu

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