[Advaita-l] Bhishma Ashtami Tarpanam

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अत्र मध्याह्नव्यापिनी अष्टमी ग्राह्या - says निर्णय सिन्धु.  However, if one doesn't have time and should leave for office, they can do after morning sandhya just like ब्रह्मयज्ञं. 

This should be done only by dvijAs as positioning of यज्ञोपवीतः is mentioned. 

एवं अपसव्येन तर्पणं कृत्वा आचम्य सव्येन अर्घ्यं दद्यात् .  

In some traditions, whose father is alive ie., जीवत्पितृकः, even tarpaNa also is done with सव्य​ position.  We do like this.

Yes...brahmacharis & gruhasthA males should perform irrespective of whether their father is alive or not. 

एतज्जीवत्पितृकस्यापि भवति । जीवत्पितापि कुर्वीत तर्पणं यमभीष्मयोः...says the निर्णय सिन्धु again.

Both Bhishma & Yama Tarpanas should be done irrespective of whether one's father is alive or not.


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 Is this performed after Pratha Sandhyavandana?
 Are females and non Dvijas allowed to perform? Is it ok for
 Brahmachaaris and Gruhastha males to perform if their father
 is alive?

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