[Advaita-l] Prayoga texts from the raajaa-vedapaaThashaalaa

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Dear Friends,                         The persons involved in Japa, Tarpana, Homa, dandadi kratuvu's are desirous of attaining the fruits of their activities  keeps on trying towards reaching their objectives. It depends on the  purity of their soul whether they will succeed in reaching their objectives or not. But one should constantly put efforts with an anxious mind for achieving the desired objectives and major portion of life is spent in it, some times one should wait to take another birth and finish the desired objectives. Even then it is not possible to attain peace & perfection  and if some one departs from this world with a worried mind , they have to be borned again and it will certainly happen.
 According to Guru Swami Maha Raj, The Sardha Nava Chandi Parayana, Homa Vidhana procedures are to be performed by the sadhaga who knows how to arouse the Mother Kundalini and then integrate the six chakra's (Muladhara - Sahasrara) with the flow of divine energy and try to break the Knots i.e Brahma Grandhi, Vishnu Grandhi & Rudra Grandhi towards reaching the yogini devata's present there. One who knows this and capable of performing this can attempt the last & final opportunity in his life so that he can achieve success in the rituals which are going to be performed with the divine will / wish. 

Caution: One should be very care full and be prepared for any thing which is going to happen in doing such type of activities as the energy which is comming out of kundalini arousing is of some thing like tonnes of electric energy may be equivalent to lightening of flash/thunder bolts. To do this one shouldn't have any personal agenda, self-motives, self-interests, capable of donating the physical karana sarira and perform actions towards reaching the lotus feet of SriGuru otherwise  The Kala Tattwa assuming the form of death destroys him and there is no doubt exists for this.

I will be giving few details regarding the Modus-Operandi in my further post.
Sri Guru Padaravindarpana Mastu



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