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Dear Friends,                   Chiaroscuro:  It is an Italian technique, developed during theRenaissance, that uses strong tonal contrasts between light and dark to modelthree-dimensional forms, often to dramatic effect. The beautiful photographs of the ancient gods were oil-painted with this technique.
    The underlying principle is that solidity of form is bestachieved by the light falling against it. Artists known for developing thetechnique include Leonardoda Vinci, Caravaggio. Chiaroscuro woodcuts are old master prints in woodcut using two ormore blocks printed in different colours; they do not necessarily featurestrong contrasts of light and dark.     According to our Swami Maha Raj, I am here with mentioningsome of the Neeti –Sutra’s that one should follow towards the service & Protection of the Country:
    §  “Those who sow seeds of hatred among fellow humans can never stay for long,this is a divine law.” §  “In India the same spiritual truth it is preached by different teachers atdifferent times, since the element of Guru is same thus all the followers aregurubhai.” §  “According to sage Vyas only two kinds of people reach the Brahmpada, thefirst is the wondering Sannyasi and second the soldier who dies in a just warfor his nation.” §  We can do many undothings for good cause, Save the Fuel and protect theNation.  §  What ever is written, happening  andwill happen is all by Mother’s grace only 
To do any thing in life and to reach any objectives/targets of their respective lifes, Mother should be with us always, without her, we don't have any protection and we will not able to move an inch even further.
Even the Jagad Guru Lord Shiva is able to do his job due to the mother as Adi shankara mentions in soundarya Lahiri that :
शिवःशक्त्यायुक्तोयदिभवतिशक्तःप्रभवितुं नचेदेवंदेवोनखलुकुशलःस्पन्दितुमपि।
Shiva united with Shakti becomes able to manifest, If otherwise, this god knows not even how to pulsate, not allowed to move even a inch further in the land. Without shakti, Shiva is dead corpse (Sava) only.
SriGuru Padaravindarapana Mastu

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