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Dear Friends,                         Shiva is nothing but the inner meaning of satya loka, Kenaupanishad says that Shakti tattwa is referred as "Haimawati Uma"  incarnates for the divine play towards the benediction of its own people. The smoke eruption of siva tattwa in conjunction with the primordial manifestation of shakti is called 'Jyeshtha Devi' or Dhumavati - mayi.
Maha kavi kali dasa said that "Jagatah Pitarau Vande Parvati Parameswarou".  In vedica language  the same is called  as "DAKSHA" for the world creation & its manifestation is present every where.
Daksha who is the ruler of the Land i.e Prajapati, Manuvu and given the birth to 'DAKSHAYANI' from his womb and the same is referred as 'Sati' which is nothing but his subtle energy.
The whole universe is manifestation of two people i.e Shiva & Shakti. Daksha performed 'Daksha Yajna' without inviting Shiva due to his 'Pravritti' Nature. So Rudra became so angered and sent 'Veera Bhadra' to destroy the ' Yagna'. In this process 'Sati' left her mortal body in this yangna by making herself into ashes. So Brahma Vidya is Sati. Knowing this is the Secret.
The story continued further and  Yajna of Daksha was successful later with the blessnings of Shiva, the immortal dakshayani taken her birth in the Himachala's house as 'Parvati'.
This is nothing but the Eternal, Divine Play of Shakti.
SriGuru Padaravindarpana Mastu

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