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Dear Friends,                         Athi Rudra Mahayajnam is performed forpeace and prosperity, It can be carried as per saivagama satra  for the benefit of humanity / loka-kalyanam Athirudra Maja Yajna is the highest form of worshipto Lord Siva. The Sage of Kanchi, Sri ChandrasekharendraSaraswathi Mahaswamigal said “Sri Rudram is the most sacred means of worshiping Lord Siva. There are four kinds of Rudra Parayana and homams –Rudram, Ekadasa Rudram, Maha Rudram and Athirudram. Of these, Athirudram is thehighest form of worship to Lord Siva. Athirudram destroys all sorrows andprovides good life & welfare”, Maha Yajna purifies us by destroying allnegative energies and protects us by removing theill-effects of our past karmas. AthirudraMahayajna:    
   - Positive vibrations from 14641 (121 Ritwiks x 11 times x 11 days) rounds of chants of Namakam part of SriRudram and (121 Riwiks x 1 time x 11 days) 1331 rounds of chants of the Chamakam part – chanted by 121 learned vedic pundits.
   - Sri Rudra Homam, Sri Chandi Parayanam & Sri Chandi Homam (9days) 
   - Sri Rudra Krama Archana & Sri Rudra Abhishekam Purnahuti, Vasordhara Homa, santi homam, ayush homam.   

   - Assembly of hundreds of learned vedic pundits, Acharyas and Ritwiks for 12 continuous days and their vedic chanting 
   - Suvasini Puja & Vaduka Puja Veda Parayanam Veda Sapthaham 
   - Discourse on Veda Mantras 
   - Annadanam
Note: It is a costlier process with involvement of several people/money/charity/donors/donations/GHEE/Voluntaries 24x7 in shifts/dedication/efforts/ with infinite Mantra Purascharana (Shouldn't count its number), tarpana, havana, annaprasadam for at least 1Lakh people will definitely bestows its fruits if done as per Agama Sastra procedures.

Lokasamasta sukhinobhavantu
SriGuru Padaravindarpana Mastu

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