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> Namaste
> I heard Tamil Brahmins have a different Prayoga for Karmas like Pitru
> Tarpana. They are using Kurchas and do Avahana of Pitrus in those Kurchas
> and then they give Tila Tarpana with Vedic Mantras for male ancestors.
> For female ancestors like Pitamahi there are no Vedic Mantras before Tila
> Tarpana. But Karnataka and Andhra Brahmins are giving Tarpana to Pitrus
> without any Kurchas. There is no Avahana for Pitrus. They are not muttering
> Vedic Mantras before Tarpana even for male ancestors like Pitru, Pitamaha
> and Prapitamaha. Like this there may be differences in other Prayogas also.
> Can we follow the Dravida Prayoga without knowing and following our own
> Prayoga?
> I have seen some shops are selling ready made Kurcha packets for Iyers and
> Iyengars and Kerala Iyers also. They have 20 or 30 Kurchas all ready made
> for Tarpana. But my Sraddha Purohit said this is not correct. If you
> prepare Kurcha you cannot simply keep it tied. You have to use it same day
> and untie it in the end. If you keep it tied and for many days you are
> committing sin. Even the Pavitra for Tarpana has to be untied and Visarjana
> is done.

What you say above about kurcha, pavitra, is true. For convenience sake
this pre-prepared kurcha and pavitram are used.
Many people have no knowledge of making kurcha and pavitra and also the
time factor. When ready made packing is available
there is compliance of the tarpana karma in large numbers. That is what is
seen in Tamil sampradaya.  Giri trading and outlets near the Shiva-Vishnu
temple in Chennai are selling these packages and a great clientele is also



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