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> If you are interested in prayoga read on, otherwise please delete the
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> Good news for students of prayoga. The raajaa-vedapaaThashaalaa is a
> premier veda-paaThashaala, set up in the mid 1500-s by bhagavantaH
> govinda-diikShitaH in Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu. It teaches the R^ik, yajur
> and saama-veda-s even now and is the premier veda school in Tamil Nadu.
> They have reissued many of their old books and are available for purchase.
> I) Many of the prayoga texts were compiled by muttu-shrautinaH, who passed
> away in the early 1940-s. The texts are all in the grantha script with
> pretty much no printing errors, so there is your motivation for learning
> this beautiful script :-). muttu-shrautinaH was an accomplished scholar and
> had performed the vaajapeya-shrauta-yaj~nam as the adhvaryu when he was
> just 16 years old! Here is a list of the books that I obtained with a brief
> description:
> 1. kalpa-cintaamaNi: puujaa vidhaanam compiled from various sources for
> different vrata-s like the shiva-raatrii, etc. The mantras in this are
> largely not vedic, but from smR^iti texts.
> 2. aashvalaayana puurva-apara-prayogam
> 3. aashvalaayana shraaddha prayogam: 2 and 3 are smaarta prayoga texts for
> the R^ig vedins and it's a testimony to the scholarship of
> muttu-shrautinaH, whose sva-shaakhaa was the yajur veda.
> 4. aapastamba puurva-apara-prayogam
> 5. aapastamba shraaddha prayogam: 4 and 5 are smaarta prayoga texts for the
> aapastamba yajur vedins.
> 6. bodhaayana puurva-apara-prayogam: 6 is the smaarta prayoga text for the
> bodhaayana yajur vedins.
> 7. saamaveda puurva-apara-prayogam.
> 8. shaanti-ratnaakaram (2 parts): smaarta shaanti yaj~nams such as the
> aayuShya, navagraha, etc., for yajur vedins. This has over 150 yaj~nam-s in
> it!
> II) I also got the following saama veda texts.
> 1. saama veda samhitaa with svara-s in the grantha script (2 parts).
> 2. saama veda aShTa braahmaNam in 3 parts in the devanaagarii script. Note
> that the saama braahmaNam does not have svara-s in the Tamil tradition.
> III) A few other non-prayoga books in devanaagarii are also available
> including the nice compilation R^ig-veda-shR^i~Nkalaa. However, this seems
> to be a recent work and does not have the svara-s unlike the yajur
> counterpart.
> Their contact info:
> email: rajavedapatasala at gmail.com
> Phone: (0435) 2425948, 2401789.
> The lady at their office was super helpful.
> Rama
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