[Advaita-l] kshatriya dharma according to manu smriti and its interpretation today?

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Fri Jan 19 10:24:05 EST 2018

There is one more aspect that is to be considered. A low-rank soldier or
perhaps some higher rank members in the army will not have any say on
whether the yuddha is dharmika or not. They will have to simply obey the
Supreme leader and fight. So, in such a scenario even if their side is on
the adharma, still their death fighting will fetch them viragati. I think
this is reasonable. Only the one for whose sake they fought, if he has
taken the side of adharma, will get the adverse effect thereof.


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> Namaste Jaldharji
> There is a small digression I wish to take here...viz., there is a general
> premise that dying in battle gives svarga or vIragati etc for the
> kxatriyas. Your quotes from mahabharata also illustrate thus.  Does this
> apply to those who die fighting on the adharmik side as well?
> We see Duryodhana reaching svarga (well, at least for a short holiday)
> inspite of fighting on the adharmik side.
> Is it not strange that the mere fact of dying on the battlefield gives
> svarga prApti, irrespective of fighting on the adharmik or dharmik side?
>  Bhishma's exhortation is only a reminder about this strange fact. Because
> there is no specific reference or claim by Bhishma that they were fighting
> for dharma therefore they get the vIragati.
> Can you clarify this?
> Om
> Raghav

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