[Advaita-l] Dying to Live Peacefully - III

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<< The paradox of human existence is that sometimes the long-term goal of
peace requires turmoil in the short-term.  >>,

My understanding is somewhat different. The paradox is that humans thinking
that they are pursuing peace invariably are chasing exactly the opposite.
This inevitably leads to turmoil both in the short term as well as in the
long term. And this is exactly what the BG attempts to correct

Namaste Chandramouliji ji

Would you say that  you can apply it to Arjuna's case and say -

Arjuna was thinking
that he was pursuing peace (by wanting to withdraw from war) invariably was
chasing exactly the opposite. (He was chasing war by wanting to withdraw
from war? Not clear what exactly you mean.  )

 (I can guess what short term and long term turmoil Arjuna was inviting by
not fighting the war but would rather you elaborate it... )

Also, I understand you to be implying that fighting the war was less
turmoil for Arjuna rather than not fighting it. But again better I don't
assume what your idea is. Jaldharji just expressed the prima facie view
that war and turmoil go together. But you are disambiguating the two
words....hope I got your implication right.

Thank you


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