[Advaita-l] Who Is the Ultimate GOD in Vedic dharma ?

Shrinivas Gadkari sgadkari2001 at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 19 00:06:31 EST 2018

> In the absence of ascribing  any particular characteristic for the
> proposed  "Adi-puruSa", it would be difficult to identify who or what is
> being referred to by this term. Clearly Sri Srinivas Gadkari Ji is not
> admitting any of  the entities mentioned in the responses so far posted in
> the thread to meet the requirements. In all the responses so far, the one
> entity left out is Brahman endowed with mAya. Would it not be appropriate
> to identify this with the "Adi-puruSa" referred to. 

Namaste Shri Chandramouli,

True - "brahman with mAyA" is the asymptotic Ultimate GOD of Vedic dharma.
Let us suppose we are looking for a manifested being in our search for the
Ultimate GOD and not an asymptotic tattva.

"Adi-puruSa" that is described in puruSa sUkta (as far as I understand) is
a very high level manifested being BUT also has some very high level limitations.

For example: 
- If we look at the account of original creation of universe from
  puruSa say in bhAgavatam or any other purANa, (suppose we look at chapter 26,
  book 3, of bhAgavatam) we see that this puruSa put in a lot of efforts (tapa)
  to bring this creation in its current state. 

- If we study chapter 1.4 in bRhadAraNyaka upaniSad, we again infer that the Adi puruSa 
  has put in efforts to overcome defects to bring the creation in the current state.
One can connect much better (develop love, bhakti) with a "Father = Adi puruSa" who has 
toiled (and continues to toil) for the creation.

With regards,
Shrinivas Gadkari

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