[Advaita-l] Who Is the Ultimate GOD in Vedic dharma ?

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> Brahman endowed with mAya is the Unmanifest kAraNa purusha for all the
> entities covered in the various posts in this thread who are the Manifest
> forms of this Unmanifest kAraNa purusha.

Actually this is what was implied. In Advaita there is no nirdishta-vyakti
Ishwara.  Brahman endowed/associated with Shakti/Maya is what is given
various names / forms to enable the aspirant to relate to.  Shankara says
in the BSB:

स्यात्परमेश्वरस्यापि इच्छावशात् मायामयं रूपं साधकानुग्रहार्थम् ।
(1.1.vii.20) (Ishwara, out of compassion, takes on, *by His Maya*, a form
to grace the spiritual aspirant.) That is what Sureshwaracharya too in the
Vartika has said: The one Ishwara alone is known/  गीयते  spoken of by
various names such as Hari, Brahma, Pinaki, Guru.  This is only an
upalakshana. One can add any number of entities to this. Panchadashi says:
>From a blade of grass, bamboo, ashwattha tree ever so many things are there
to claim the status of Ishwara.

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