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Dear Sir,                  "Where can anyone find an 'immortal' GURU?"
Although I have given my explanation in my previous e-mail, but there should be caution always one has to remember in this materialistic physical world which is below the inner  consciousnesses.
The Immortal 'Guru' will be sent you in disguise by the mother or his guru (paramaguru) or paramestiguru as per Dattatreya -Nadha sampradaya.You can't get him by mere search and going to some one & taking diksha just like that. It will be obtained by 'Janma Samskara' i.e one has done few good things in the previous life, that why those are protecting him and those actions will brought you in front of the immortal guru

Caution: One should also remember  the fact that surrendering to the physical form of 'Guru' (Human nature), who know that he may be using all your information for taking his people forward i.e his karmic bondages and he may be working like shadow at your back. Some times, I saw people threatening the poor disciples with their strength that 'when you borned'?, who is your father? , who is your mother? Checking the date of birth of the disciples (offence of crime) so that they can go that time and wantd perfomr some bad actions against the disciples interests. The mother always protects her disciples.
 Although no one succeeds in such actions, but they can eat the time, buddhi and make the disciple restless so that they themselves can enjoy with their karmic relatives. I have of the opinion that one should not test a disciple for more than 5 years. If some one is testing since last 20 years and teasing the disciples for their foolish acts, it is not correct, it is his karmic bondages making him to act like that for that they will suffer, it will happen.  Guru can always take what ever he wants from his disciple as he is superpower than him, but present scenario guru's (for which list has already been made) are not behaving like guru's but they are falsely projected as 'guru' to take their people forward out of their wested interests and karmic bondage's.
 Where as if some one follows the path of guru mandala, doing to the service to the lotus feet of sriguru with awakened consciousness, he will succeed in his path, it is certain, but you may loose the materialistic things which you have gained in your life including your physical body.
To achieve all these one should have free will by following the destiny path.
SriGuru Padaravindarpana MastuKameswara


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Where can anyone find an 'immortal' GURU?


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