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Dear Sir,                    I mean to say that in my own words & as per my experience , one who want to know him self or to have self-realization,  The sadhaka has to assume & realized the fact that the  'Guru' is in the immortal form i.e Jyothi Swarupa (Brahman). A kundalini transmitter (Vahaka) with his physical body from the 'Guru mandala' is also passing in his karmic time, his human nature can't be a 'Guru' form i.e for the physical world sake with some name. profession, name ..some thing like that.But he may have the immortal form  as Kala Swarapupa which he can show it to his disciple for whoom he has transmitted his energy effortlessly just like that for which the disciple can't even raise his head infront of him or even he will not able to talk with his risen voice. As today is Amavasya, Pitru tidhi, simply I can say the so called dsiciple by whose grace he got that shakti in a fraction of micro second is the son of the 'Guru' only for which no doubt exists now or never.
But one has also understand the fact that the so called disciple & the human of the guru are passing in their respective karmic times so 'Prabadha' exists for the disciple as he committed a mistake during the last time when the mother came to him. How ever he will bear his karma and ready to share his karma with the human form of the guru.
The so called relation of the Disciple - Guru is eternal as mother only sent the disciple to meet his guru for which the disciple always loyal to her or I should say shown the guru so that he can realize his self or self surrender. It is possible only in this Karmic Land. 

" Devanadha Guror Swamin Desika swatva nayakaPahi Pahi Krupa Sindho Patram Purnataram Kuru"
Sadhuva Sadhuva Karma, edya charitam maya, Gruhanaaradhanam mama, ata visehsharghya patram mulena mastaka mudraya drutva, tat ksheeram patrantarena daya:
"Ardham Jwalati Jyotirasmi, Yohamasi Brahmmahasmi, Ahamasi Brahmahasmi, Iti atmanah Kudanlinagnou hrutwa sesham priya sishya drutwa" . Iti Pujam Purnataram kuru.
A dusty particle under the feet of my SriGuruKameswarananda 

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 Where can anyone find an 'immortal' GURU?

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 Dear Friends,                       Today's Times has an interesting article in speaking regarding 'GURU' in support of my statement"
"You can' to do Justice to your disciples with the existing physical body as your subtle nature is biased and you are inclined to some people for their wested interests/benefits"
According to great philosopher Sh. Jiddu KrishnaMurthy (1895-1986): No mortal being can be a Guru.
Yes Indeed,  Why because although your inner consciousness may not allow to speak wrongly or act wrongfully to your disciple, since you are also passing in karmic time that one should always remember. Your Karmic bondages will not allow you to act with free will or to go a job which has to be done at that time or some time they may also force you to do a wrong action out of their wested interests/ benefits.
One great personality asked me on one day that " who will remove your karma" ?. my answer will be of two kinds.No one will remove our karma, you have to bear the fruits of your karma for which we are fully responsible. or other wise, it can also be like this: who ever removes your karma , they only removes my karma.
"Guru' is a form of light, Niranjana, Nirvikara, Nirguna, Parabrahma Swarup in which you would like to join along with him in the 'Ananta Jyothi' of Brahmanda after leaving your physical body.
If you keep faith in god and follows the 'Guru mandala' then it is certain that SriGuru can reduce your karma up to some extent so that you can able to cross the samsara with his helping hand only. No body can escape the karma on their own, it needs help of the other, you may call it as relatives/friends.
In-order to bear the 'Prarabdha Karma',  JKM says: one should have programmed events of life or compulsions of the mind  to have desireless ness, awareness of the supreme with absolute self-surrender, unfaltering faith, single minded love. The continuous maha nam Jap is required for self-realisation. One should always remember the fact that we are born initiated  and we should strive to enlighten our soul for giving the opportunity to realise our self by Brahman. The whole creation is Brahman or Truth for which no explanation is required. JKM, also said that initiation conducted at the level of the senses by mortal beings can never leads to truth as the TRUTH IS MUCH BEYOND THE RANGE OF THE SENSES although it is causeless and there is no purpose to know the truth.
SriGuru Padaravindarpana Mastu

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