[Advaita-l] kshatriya dharma according to manu smriti and its interpretation today?

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Fri Jan 12 06:31:39 EST 2018

Maybe this statement is fitting in this context:

असन्तुष्टो द्विजो नष्टः, सन्तुष्टः पार्थिवस्तथा

An uncontented  brahmana is doomed and so a King contented.


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Namaste Everyone
Thank you Venkatraghavan ji for the manu smriti pdf references to kshatriya
dharma in its 7th chapter.


 The general sense i get is that the kshatriya king who is committed to
dharma and protection of shrotiyas is to challenge and wage war against
unrightoeus kshatriyas who do not become his allies or vassals. This is of
course quite natural. However i did not come across any explicit shastra
reference to a 'dharma yuddha'  idea yet. What should be the primary
*motive* for war for a kxatriya? The smRti seems more intent to look at war
as an inherent dharma of kshatriya. Will read it a little more carefully
and get back.

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